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 Updated Nov 19, 2014  

PLEASE take the Casimir PTSA pledge before Dec 1!!!

Simply send your donation in an envelope with students name, phone number, grade and 6th period class on the outside of the envelope. Make checks out to Casimir PTSA. Only about 80 of over 750 students have participated so far! PTSA is in danger of having to cut programs like assemblies, field trips and class room supplies if we don’t get more participation! Thanks for your support!!

Maddie Bowers 

Casimir PTSA President






Welcome to Casimir Middle School. We, at Casimir, believe in the fundamental ability of every child to succeed. At Casimir, we believe it is our duty to actively engage students in a rigorous curriculum which addresses the needs of t he whole child. We believe in building sustainable growth through consistent professional development which focuses on the best practices of the past as well as the pedagogy of the future. 



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