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Courses: Physical Education 2015-2016


Student Responsibilities

·       Be respectful to all class members.

·       Be on time to class. This means sitting on the assigned attendance spot before the tardy bell rings, otherwise, a tardy will be earned.

·       Have secure athletic shoes on before the tardy bell rings. Inappropriate shoes will result in a loss of points.

·       100% effort and participation in daily activities.

Teacher Responsibilities

·       Maintain a respectful and safe setting for all students to do their individual best.

·       Monitor and communicate progress via Parent Connect, emails and conferences.

·       Create every opportunity for you to be engaged in activities that will expose you to the California Physical Education Standards through physical activity, team building, individual skill development, team and individual game play.

Parent Responsibilities

  • I am requesting that the most accurate phone numbers are on file with the office.
  • It is requested for you to frequently check with your child about their progress on Parent/Student Connect. It will keep all parties informed and avoid any “surprises” at progress and report card time. If you do not have an account, the office can assist you with this.


  • A student may be excused from class with a written note from a parent or guardian for up to 3 consecutive days.
  • All medical excuses for more than 3 days require a signature from a medical professional. All notes must be cleared with the nurse before school




Grading Policy:

Points: 100 points per quarter.



90% to 100%


80% to 89.9%


40% to 79.9%


20% to 39.9%


0% to 19.9%


·       If you have a PE excuse, you will be asked to do an assignment in order to make up the points lost.  

You will have 100 points per quarter. The points will cover participation, running, and behavior. For every failed run, you will lose 3 points from the 100. The same will occur if you are not participating. If you misbehave, you will lose points depending on the severity of the infraction.


Mr. Fladeland