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Welcome to 8th grade Science
by Lynette Larson
September 14, 2016

8th Grade Physical Science Class Information

Dr. Larson

310-533-4498 X4724

Physical Science Focus: Nature of Science, Physics, Energy/Waves,Chemistry, and Solar System.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Successful

  • No cell phones, Ipods, or any other electronic device is to be used during class unless instructed by the teacher for purposes of instruction.

  • Cheating will result in severe consequences such as a referral to the office, phone call home, and no credit for the assignment.

  • Each student will come to class everyday ready to learn with a pen/pencil, spiral notebook, highlighter, and dry erase marker.

It is important that students respect these expectations.  It will add to the positive learning environment that we are creating as a team.


Homework should be minimal.  Students are given time in class to complete most assignments which include, but are not limited to, notebook, writing assignments, research skills, projects, and labs.  If the students do not use class time effectively, they will have homework.  Some projects will require work at home.  Ample time will be provided to ensure success for the student.  Parents should check work periodically by looking through their student’s planner and binder.


A student’s grade refers to a recent overall evaluation of proficiency. No curving will be done and extra credit will not be given.

Achievement grades will be calculated based on levels of understanding through the use of multiple assessments.  Assessments include exit slips, unit assessments, and various projects.  Exit slips will be given frequently and are announced based on the current learning targets.  Students record all assessments on their learning target logs that correspond to the performance expectations of the Next generation Science Standards. (Common Core for Science.)

Effort grades will be calculated based on student participation with in class.  Grades will be posted on Parent Connect as time permits in order for students & parents to keep track of student progress.  It is the student’s responsibility to monitor his/her own grade (level of learning) with parent support. is the best resource for support in monitoring student progress.  


Letter Grade

Effort Grade







88% - 100%

Meets Expectations









60% - 74.9%





45% - 59.9%





0% - 44.9%

              Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Meets Expectations

Level 4


I am starting to understand this learning target.

My response to the short answer question is incorrect and fails to provide evidence of student understanding.

I somewhat understand this learning target.

My response to the short answer question shows limited understanding and evidence of most scientific concepts.

I understand this learning target.

My response to the short answer question shows an accurate understanding and evidence of all scientific concepts.

I have mastered this learning target.

My response shows an accurate and thorough understanding of all scientific concepts.

I can show evidence in the forms of diagrams and examples to support my understanding.

ETUSD/ Casimir Website: · ETUSD is an online learning site where students have access to class information, handouts, assignments, district benchmarks, class calendar, and project guidelines.

     Student’s username is their student ID number and password is their birth date.  They need to have an enrollment key in order to enroll in the class.  We will announce the enrollment key the first day of class.

·     The Casimir website has the homework available as recorded by the school.

Absent/Late work:  It is the student’s responsibility to make up work when they are absent.  See me for that work.  Late work is also accepted without penalty.  

Any questions or concerns, please contact me as soon as possible.  I look forward to a productive and enjoyable school year.  


Lynette Larson