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by Vicki Spencer

September 19, 2011

Welcome to Casimir Middle School. My name is Vicki Spencer and this year I am teaching 6th and 7th grade Math . I earned my Bachelor degree from California State University Long Beach, and my Masters degree from University of LaVerne.



A. Complete and participate in classroom discussions.

B. Homework will be graded and recorded everyday.  All papers must be neat, show all of the work and have an answer column..


E. Bring materials to class everyday. This includes paper, pencil, pen and all books covered.

. GRADES A. 90% to 100% , B 80 to 89%, C 70% to 79%, D 60-69%

G.  Please study for the tests and quizzes.

Homework assignments are usually posted online. 


CONTACTING ME The best way is through email.

Fast Links


Periods 1,3 Page 455,456 # 1-7,24-26

P2 Workbook section 3.5

P4,5  Workbook page 141,  textbook page 470 #1-12